The British School of Córdoba offers small classes, personalised attention and an all rounded, holistic education for each child.

Our philosophy

Our community is founded on respect and kindness for each other, and care for the world around us. Our value centred learning inspires open, inquiring minds, enabling our students to be confident communicators and proactive global citizens. We strive for academic excellence, nurturing students´ curiosity through active learning, reflection and collaboration.


Where we inspire curiosity, creativity and amazement.

3 to 5 years


Where we cultivate respect and tolerance and develop research skills.

5 to 11 years


Where we help your child reach their full potential.

11 to 16 years

Sixth Form

Where independence, responsibility and resilience are realised

16 to 18 years

Our School

The British School of Córdoba offers a sense of community which instils a love of learning in our pupils, to pursue future opportunities in Spain and abroad.

Excellent result

Our pupils obtain places in some of the best universities around the world.


We facilitate personal growth by setting high expectations and demonstrating commitment, adaptability, and respect for others.


We aspire to foster critical and creative thinking within a culture of support and improvement.

Comprehensive British Education

BSC offers a comprehensive and personalised British education, enabling each person to be lifelong learners through interest, enquiry and effort.

Respectful Environment

The school educates and trains pupils to develop a firm and solid personal ethical foundation, based on mutual respect, care and attention to others, presided over by a deep sense of responsibility.


BSC seeks educational excellence through continuous and efficient work, personal reflection and mutual collaboration between pupils, parents and teachers. 

Se ha recibido un incentivo de la Agencia de Innovación y Desarrollo de Andalucía IDEA, de la Junta de Andalucía, por un importe de 69.574,04 €, cofinanciado en un 80% por la Unión Europea a través del Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional, FEDER para la realización del Proyecto de digitalización de COLEGIO BRITÁNICO DE CÓRDOBA S.A. con el objetivo de Garantizar un mejor uso de las tecnologías de la información.