Letter from the director

Welcome to The British School of Córdoba.

Our mission is to offer exceptional education based on the best international systems, whilst also retaining the core requirements of the Spanish education system, allowing our pupils to validate their studies in Spain while enabling worldwide opportunities.

Students are exposed to full immersion in English starting from the earliest stages in Foundation and extending through the school to Year 13. However, our students’ achievements go beyond just being truly bilingual. Here at The British School of Córdoba (BSC) we believe in giving our students the essential skills needed to succeed in an ever-changing world.

In the foundation and primary years, children learn and explore through active play with first language English speaking teachers supported by local Spanish staff.  This approach encourages students to be bilingual, independent and confident learners with an enquiring and open mind.  

Being a through school our primary and secondary students are able to take advantage of the many fantastic facilities on offer; dedicated science lessons, daily Spanish classes, computer coding, sports and art, all support the core subjects. A happy child is an engaged and fulfilled child!

One of the many advantages of our curriculum is the worldwide recognition of the British GCSE and International Baccalaureate Diploma programmes. Students leaving BSC at the end of Year 13 have the world at their feet and are able to choose between studying in Spain or abroad and they do! In recent years our students have taken places at some of the world’s most prestigious Universities including Oxford, Cambridge, Yale and Berklee School of Music to name but a few. 

Of course, it is how subjects are taught that makes all the difference.  Studies have shown that pupils learn most effectively when taking an active part in their education. Lessons are taught using creative and dynamic learning styles.  Pupils are encouraged to work collaboratively, reflect on their work and communicate their ideas confidently to others. 

The British School of Córdoba is truly unique. Since its beginnings in 1998 it has flourished into a successful, highly achieving school where pupils gain the academic results and linguistic advantages that have helped many students lead successful and fulfilling careers. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Our distinguished and successful alumni are proof of our successes.  

Caroline Ward 


Caroline Ward